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Fused silica window fused silica plate quartz plate quartz glass plate

    Fused silica window 
    fused silica plate 
    quartz plate 
    quartz glass plate
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Fused silica window fused silica plate quartz plate quartz glass plate

It is designed for using in optical systems to separate two environments while passing a particular spectral range between them. 

It has high wavefront distortion, high transmission and high parallelism which ensure system’s imaging and high precision.

Optical glass window Material
MaterialFused Silica
PropertiesTypical index Homogeneity: <8 x 10-6

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 0.58 x 10-6/K (0℃to 200℃)

Refractive Index: 1.4858@308nm

Density: 2.201 g/cm3


Fused silica glass has mainly three types of fused silica, JGS1, JGS2, JGS3.

JGS1 is mainly used for optics operating in the UV and the visible wavelength range. It is free of bubbles and inclusions.

JGS2 is mainly used as mirror substrate, as it has tiny bubbles inside.

JGS3 is transparent in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral regions, but it has many bubbles inside.

Spectral curvefused silica window 4.jpg
Parameters for optical glass window
MaterialFused Silica
Dimension Tolereance
Clear Aperture>90%

Standard: 3 arc minute

High Precision: 10 arc seconds

Surface Quality

Standard: 60/40

High Precision: 20/10

Wavefront Distortion

Standard: λ@633nm per 25mm

High Precision: λ/8@633nm per 25mm

ChamferProtected <0.5mmx45deg
CoatingAvailable upon request

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