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Nd Yag laser rod Yag Rod for laser cutting marking welding

    Rod diameter:  1~35 mm
    Rod length: 1~320 mm 
    Dopant concentration, at.%: 0.5-1.3 at%
    Polishing and coating

Nd Yag laser rod Yag Rod for laser cutting marking welding

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Advantages of nd yag laser rod

1. High gain, Low threshold, High efficiency;

2. High optical quality, Low loss;

3. High mechanical strength, Good thermal conductivity and thermal shock characteristics;

4. Suitable for different modes of operation (cw, pulsed, Q-switched, mode locked, doubling of frequency);

5. Suitable for high-average power lasers.

Technical Parameters of Nd Yag Laser Rod
Dopant concentration, at.%0.5-1.3 at%
Orientation<111> ± 5° or <100> ± 5°
Nd: Yag Rod sizeDiameter 1~35 mm, Length 1~320 mm,Upon request of customer
Dimension ToleranceDiameter +0.00/-0.05mm, Length ±0.5mm
Barrel finishGround Finish with 400# Grit or polished
Parallelism≤ 10 arc seconds
End face perpendicularity:≤ 5 arc minutes
Flatness≤ λ/10 @632.8nm
Surface qualityBefore coating 10/5, after coating 20/10
AR Coating Reflectivity≤ 0.2% (@1064nm)
Damage threshold>15J/cm2

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